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Sue - Project Manager

I first met David during an event in December 2016, I got an immediate sense of his professionalism and as you would expect, David followed up with all his potential clients the next day in a timely, non-pressured and professionally way.


At the time I was balancing (as many people are) work/life balance with two demanding teenagers, a new house move, and working in all time zones in a pressurised environment, managing global corporate programs and projects, and daily long hours.


I signed up with David for 1:1 coaching and mentoring tailored to my personal needs, part of this  coaching was to create a deeper meaning and experience of meditation and mindfulness. I felt very comfortable with David's style and approach, David spent time recapping the prior session and homework then adjusting to any new situations that may have developed between appointments to be considered at the beginning of each session. David is a great communicator, in each session he explained, in a clear way the process and reasoning of the teachings, then provided time for questions. After working out the most important items to focus on, I found each meditation was profound and deeper.

This really did change my life in so many ways, my teenagers became calmer as I was more in control, and happier and I was in a position to teach them better ways of handling stressful times in their careers and education.


I was able to help my work colleagues more, when they were pressured or had 'that bad trip to the office', (you know.. the traffic, drivers eager to get to work, or school runs etc.) I could mindfully assist them. I was in a good place having meditated to start my day, reflecting and emptying the mind to enable focus on the important goals and deadlines to achieve that day in the office.


David taught me how to quickly get into a meditation for when time was limited, I know many who say 'I just don't have time to sit there'. I learnt how to know my balance was out of alignment, and could very quickly, in 15 mins take a little time in my car or walking in the grounds of the office or a quiet corner, to meditate and refocus.


Meditation would also help with important presentations or meetings, I was able to not just 'practice' my pitch but really visualise and walk through the expected outcomes and goals and feel VERY prepared to meet them by the end of the meeting.


I found my feedback from others became more and more positive, and this transformed my experiences in all parts of my life.


Thank You David for your teaching, wisdom and talent!

May & scofield ltd

Eleanor - HR & Finance Director

I was already familiar with the mindfulness practice, but David helped me to open and widen my understanding, and to strengthen the connection between mindfulness practice and my everyday life.

With the constant increasing demands of a busy working environment, over time it took its toll on me.  I sought assistance from David Walther and have never looked back.  He is a great teacher and mentor.  He makes you feel at ease, and every session is very empowering. 

He’s teaching of mindfulness, relaxation and meditation is useful, and you soon learn techniques that can easily fit in to normal day to day life.  He helped me work out how to prepare to deal with either difficult people and or meetings, and how to ensure that any negativity does not affect you personally.  I soon started to “leave work at work” and came home more relaxed.  Over time the stresses of the business were not affecting me in a negative way.

  I became happier, healthier, saw improvements in my wellbeing and it became easier to make better choices and decisions as time went on. I learnt that being mindful enhanced every aspect of my life. I learnt that I can be much kinder to myself; I can choose to respond not react. I can see a new way forward for my career.

David is highly professional.  He’s knowledge and skill set can be used in any scenario. He comes highly recommended. The time you invest with David you will get back in abundance.

Dignity Pet Cemetary

Kevin - Owner

David Walther has worked with me on a variety of projects and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

As well as providing a personal consultation service to my clients David has assisted me in delivering several CPD events to professional clients.  We received consistently positive feedback from delegates who attended his mindfulness seminars at our Wellbeing event where he delivered a well thought out walk through of meditation techniques.

David is both friendly and approachable and he delivers his material smoothly whilst maintaining his confident and professional demeanour.  At the end of our 3 day event he was rated as one of the most popular seminars by delegates.

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