About David

My name is David Walther, my early career was spent serving in a large public sector organisation, working closely with people, from all walks of life.
In 1996, after an extensive injury, I followed a path of Hua Tuo Qi Gong. Impressed by the success and the amazing transformational results, I studied this rare form of Qi Gong for over ten years, to heal and manipulate Universal energy and Chi around the body for others.
I invested over two decades of training and study in numerous modalities and proven techniques, to enhance peace and balance to the human body. These studies with my clients, resulted in enhanced physical, emotional and mental wellbeing for them. Realising the proven outcomes, I began teaching to expand capability in others and to increase the reach to people in all continents.
How will this help today’s businesses and personal lives?
My extensive experience and skills enable a variety of practices to be pulled together in a bespoke solution for employees, managers, executives, (clients of all walks of life) to grow and evolve within themselves. To become calmer, more focused, productive, resilient, adaptive in their lives through group and/or one to one session. The effect of stress on the body, emotionally permeate all aspects of people’s lives; both personal and business. My work enables people to be happier within both their work environment and at home.
My passion and aim are to continue to learn and evolve whilst teaching and healing clients. To bring bespoke packages that transform many types of businesses and private lives all over world, keeping optimum peace and health.

About Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness is creating a real buzz in the HR industry at the moment - and for good reason. Working days, long periods sat in front of computers and ready-meals in between meetings doesn't tend to contribute toward employees physical and mental well-being. 

However, new studies have now shown that employers that invest in their workforce' health and well-being, reap much bigger benefits over those that do not. 


David has spent over two decades training, learning and qualifying in numerous modalities and techniques to be more at peace within himself. Enhancing physical, emotional and mental well being. Swiftly realising he wished to pass this knowledge on to assist others., he started to teach these techniques to all levels of people from all walks of life; from beginners to the more advanced, focusing particularly in the field of wellness and self development. 

Return on your Investment....

It's important for managers, directors and employers to raise the priority of mental health and wellness of employees and nurture a culture where mental health is managed much like its workload. 

The environment we work in affects us both mentally and physically, so employers have a responsibility and a duty to their staff to look after their wellness.


Eleanor - "I soon started to “leave work at work” and came home more relaxed."

Kevin - "At the end of our 3 day event he was rated as one of the most popular seminars by delegates."

Sue - "David taught me how to quickly get into a meditation for when time was limited".

Read what Eleanor, Kevin and Sue had to say, in full, here. 

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